Our Experiences
Carmarket Christchurch

For our trip trough NewZealand we bought a Nissan Caravan.

On the end of our journey we go the Campervan to the Backpacker Carmarket in Christchurch. they offer for NZD 450 a long term option – a kind of commission – you let the car on the carmarket and they will sell the car for you. That sounds good, but we have special experiences with the Backpacker Carmarket in Christchurch (33 Battersee Street). 

Our history - 

-  Signing of the long term option contract

20.06.2014 (contact Sam)
-     in accordance with me the Carmarket sold the van for NZD 6.250
-     the buyer gave the money direct (cash) to the Carmarket
-     the Carmarket informed me about the sale and the transfer on my account immediately

26.06.2014 (contact Richard)
-     no transfer on my account
-     first request per mail and call
-     answer - the the staff member was ill

02.07.2014 (contact Richard)
-     second request per mail and call
-     answer - that the money should be on our bank account

07.07.2014 (contact Gary)
-     Garys answer per mail …
       I just checked and your money was transferred to the Westpac bank on the night o
       of the 2nd so should have shown on the 3rd or 4th

-     No transfer on my account
-     I exchanged the Westpac bank account number a second time

13.07.2014 (Contact Gary)
-     he gave me the information, that there was a bank mistake and they money was transferred to awrong bank account
-     the bank will transfer the money as soon as possible to my account

23.07.2014 (contact Gary)
-      got the information that the money should be on friday the 25.07.2014 on our bank account

-     no transfer on my account
-     email to Gary about my concerns with the transfer trouble

29.07.2014 (contact Gary)
-     Garys answer per mail … I heard from the Westpac yesterday they have the money back and instead of transferring to your account they returned it to our trust account where it came from …they have to waited 24 hours to transfer it on my account

12.08.2014 (contact Gary)
- no transfer to my account - call Gary
- mail feedback.. Our bank tell me the money was transferred but the Westpac will give me no information as it is not my account and against the privacy act
I spoke to our accountant and lawyer yesterday and they are both going to investigate
Please allow them a couple more days to check and I will be back to you on Monday at the latest

Since then (now 12/2014)
-     Daily mails/ different calls – no Feedback

We asked per mail the Citizens Advice Bureau Christchurch Area (www.cab.org.nz) - they told us the this:

- - - - - -
Thank you for your enquiry.
We have the following information for you.

In New Zealand we have the Consumer Guarantees Act that covers most Goods and Services for personal use within New Zealand.  You can read about this Act on our webpage www.cab.org.nz.

However, now that the sale has been completed and you have done everything correctly in asking for the issue to be resolved and they are still not directing the money into your account, we suggest that you will now need to contact a Debt Collection Agency who will collect the money on your behalf.  

If you have documented proof – ie Paid Invoice or money payment information to Backpackers Car Market you can contact the Debt Collection Agency to act on your behalf to obtain the money.  As we cannot recommend an agency for you specifically we suggest you look at the following website yellow.co.nz – this lists all the Debt Collection Agencies in New Zealand – you could contact one of the agencies listed via their website and ask them about your situation – there will be fees for this service though.


You could also try of the Motor Trade Association of New Zealand, you can contact them for mediation assistance with this issue.  This is their website www.mta.org.nz, we suggest you visit this page for all the relevant information and contact details about lodging a complaint against Backpackers Car Market.

We hope that the situation is resolved quickly for you.
Kind regards
- - - - - -

Friends from us travelled to New Zealand. They visit the Backpacker Carmarket in Christchurch with an official mandate from us to get the money or for a complain to the police.

We cant beleave it - after 8 months - we have the money on our westpack account.

Happy End!

Thanks for all the people they helped us!!!


Additional information after some feedback other affected backpacker.
Information colleted by a local (thanks for sharing).

The owner of Backpacker Car Market in Christchurch is Gary Ronald Green.

Our infomation - we cant double check that from here - the Backpacker Car Market in Christchurch is not a registered company, so they does not hold financial records and is not paying tax.
(status 06/2015)

If somebody can support a evidence against Gary Ronal Green - please let us know we will hand off to the local supporter.

For further investigation - please support us via - on the NZ Government websites:




Update after a information from Rory (US)

He was also scammed and found this public notice regarding Gary Ronald Green -

Status: 06.05.2016


Why we share this story?
We are students and NZD 6.250 are a lot of money for us.

It is also very difficult to get an lawer or collection agency in NewZealand.


Car dealer are car dealer! Everywhere the same - be always careful!